REIC Recurring Disclosure Form

Portfolio Information

Date of Foundation 25.07.1997
Date of Initial Public Offering 25.03.1998
Partnership’s Net Asset Value (TL) (As of December 31,2017)
Net Asset Value per Unit Share (TL) 3,46 (As of December 31,2017)
Weighted Average Price reached in BIST (TL) (December 31,2016) 4,28

Partnership Structure(with shareholding higher than 1% / as of December 31,2017 )

Shareholder Name/ Title Group Type Share Amount Capital (TL)
Doğuş Holding A.Ş.(Private) A Registered 2.604.451,264 2.604.451,264
Doğuş Holding A.Ş. (Private) B Bearer 48.693.875,297 48.693.875,297
Other (Public) B Bearer 280.709.459,439 280.709.459,439
TOTAL - - 332.007.786 332.007.786

Portfolio Breakdown
(as of December 31,2017)

Real Estates and Real Estate Projects: 98,02%
Cash and Capital 0,77%
Other Assets 1,21%

Members of the Board of Directors and Their Tasks

Hüsnü AKHAN Chairman
Ekrem Nevzat ÖZTANGUT Member
Hasan Hüsnü GÜZELÖZ Member
Mustafa Sabri DOĞRUSOY Independent Member
M. Bahadır TEKER Independent Member