Doğuş REIT launched operations on July 25, 1997, under the title of Osmanlı REIT and held its IPO on March 25, 1998, as the third real estate investment trust to be traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.

By the end of 2001, two Doğuş Group companies, Osmanlı Bank and Garanti Bank merged. With this transaction, 51 percent of the Osmanlı REIT shares were transferred to Garanti Bank and the company became a subsidiary of Garanti Bank under the title Garanti REIT.

Garanti REIT laid the foundations of its first residential project, Evidea, in November 2004. Developed on a 34,000 square meters of land plot, the Evidea Project featured a total construction area of 101,000 square meters, including a residential area of 73,000 square meters and social facilities of 24,500 square meters. All residential units within the Evidea Project were delivered to their owners by the year-end 2007, thanks to the combined experience of Garanti REIT and Yapı Kredi Koray in real estate development and financing.

In June 2005, Garanti REIT began constructing the Doğuş Center Maslak project in Maslak, Istanbul. Doğuş Center Maslak has a total area of 63,202 square meters, of which 47,398 square meters is rentable space. Doğuş Center Maslak was opened on November 9, 2006.

When Garanti Bank sold its shares in Garanti REIT to General Electric (GE) Capital Corporation and Doğuş Group, the company’s shareholder structure changed on December 1, 2006, as 25.5 percent Doğuş Group, 25.5 percent GE, and 49 percent public. Its new trade name was registered as Doğuş-GE REIT.

In January 2011, General Electric (GE) Capital Corporation sold all of its shares in Doğuş-GE REIT to Doğuş Group and the company’s shareholder structure became 51 percent Doğuş Group and 49 percent publicly-traded. On the same date, the company’s trade name was changed to Doğuş REIT.

On December 26, 2013, with a partial division transaction, the Gebze Center Shopping Mall was added to the real estate investment portfolio of Doğuş REIT. Doğuş Real Estate Investment and Management invested $180 million to construct the Gebze Center Shopping Mall from August 2008 until September 3, 2010. The Mall incorporates 59,054 square meters of rentable space and around 130 stores.

Upon the inclusion of Gebze Center Shopping Mall in Doğuş REIT’s real estate investment portfolio, a mixed living center concept was developed which entailed extension of the shopping mall and construction of additional buildings and also a hotel. The construction permit for the extension project was obtained on February 20, 2015. This project was built on a construction area of 47,045 square meters, to include a 158-room hotel and commercial units.

As a result of the partial demerger procedure completed on September 6, 2016, Doğuş Center Etiler has been included in the real estate investment portfolio of Doğuş REIT. Consisting of 45 independent sections and with total land area of 36.440,80 m2, Doğuş Center Etiler has a total leasable area of 9.827 m2. Doğuş Center Etiler has the feature of being one of important business centers of the region especially in terms of its office and social spaces and the opportunities of use it provides.

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